Keys To Layered Security : An IT Checklist for Businesses

In the early days of business IT, simple perimeter defenses were thought to be enough. We’d install
anti-virus software and a firewall, use personal login credentials, and change our passwords frequently. Nowadays, we know these cybersecurity solutions are insufficient by themselves. What happens if the attacker gets past the firewall? What if the breach comes from within rather than from without?

A truly secure defense doesn’t collapse once attackers breach or bypass the first layer. The time has come to abandon ‘M&M-style’ protection with a hard outside and soft inside. At TSI, we advocate for a layered security strategy that ensures all resources are accessed securely, no matter whether they’re moving through internal or external networks.

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    • Advanced tools like privileged account management and endpoint protection agentsAdvanced tools like privileged account management and endpoint protection agents
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