Voice Over IP Phone System

TSI offers Voice over Internet Protocol Phone System through our platinum partnership with 3CX.

Comprehensive Solution

With 3CX, there is no need to worry about management and installation. TSI does all of it for you.

Significantly Reduce Costs

With 3CX, your telco cost savings have the potential to be reduced significantly, along with the cost of buying, expanding and maintaining your PBX.

Security & Backup

3CX sets the standard with VoIP security. 3CX’s inbuilt security has been exclusively developed to protect your PBX system from attacks.


With 3CX, you can take your extension wherever you go. With apps for Android and iOS, softphones for Windows and Mac, WebRTC softphone and clientless web conferencing you are guaranteed to be kept in the loop.

Call Center Features

With the 3CX PRO and Enterprise editions, you get advanced call center features bundled in at no additional cost. Increase your sales, boost productivity and offer support with 3CX’s contact center technology.

Flexible System

With 3CX you can go from small office to large office setups, multiple remote locations can use the same system, and you can use a deskphone, softphone and mobile apps.

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