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You are Protected…Right? — Business Owners Guide to Navigate Cyber Security”

    Mark Putiyon, Author & TSI CEO

    “Digitalization and cloud computing has made it possible for everyone to work remotely and in different capacities of virtual collaboration. However, the boon of digital connectivity and automation brings a constant threat of cyberattacks. Many cyber risks surround every organizational milieu, from phishing and malware to intelligence and identity theft. This book examines cybersecurity from the grassroots level and explains its many aspects, such as security risk assessment, multi factor-authentication, mobile device management, etc.

    This book “You are Protected…Right? — Business Owners Guide to Navigate Cyber Security” is ideal for CISOs, CIOs, or CEOs looking for resources to strengthen their cybersecurity knowledge and attack responsiveness. This book is written with the cybersecurity requirements of the CISOs of SMEs and SMBs in mind. It contains 11 chapters that systematically present the key concepts related to organizational security. Incident response is an often-overlooked aspect of cyber risk management that needs to be addressed for quicker and safer systems restoration after a cyberattack. Helping you plan your SOC (Security Operations Center) strategies better forms the core of this book.”